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Founder - Kuwait Science Club,
Since the launch of the modern Kuwaiti renaissance in the mid-twentieth century, the State has placed the Kuwaiti citizen at the forefront of its priorities; as it was convinced that the human investment is the main engine for sustainable development. The youth and the young and emerging generations are considered the driving and flowing force towards the effectiveness of the plans and programs prepared by the State; in order to qualify and prepare the youth to play their desired roles in their coming years.
At the forefront of these national organizations comes the Kuwait Science Club, which combines between a lot of scientific, qualification and training roles that assist and support the State’s objectives in reinforcing the Kuwaiti youth with knowledge, science, and summer activities drawn and established through their career spanning for over forty years. Its results and off-springs were always youth assuming leading and pioneering positions, supported by extensive preparation and qualification within the Club’s workshops and departments.

Club’s Foundation
The Kuwait Science Club was established on the 11th of August 1974, and it is one of the highly-distinguished public benefit societies in the State of Kuwait, and the Club is managed by an independent board of directors consisting of nine people.

Club Objectives
The Kuwait Science Club aims to develop the talents and skills of the youth and the future generations, and to drive them to love knowledge, innovation, and learning; and it is also keen on the optimal use of the leisure time experienced by the youth and turn their energies into a fruitful and distinguished work that will benefit them and their homeland and the whole world.

Organizing Committee

Talal Jassem Alkharafi
IIFME - Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee
Kuwait Science Club -  Chairman 
Dr. Mohammad A. Alsaffar
Ali K. Aljumaah
Abdulrahman S. Alfadhalah

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